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RFP - White Creek Business Park Feasibility Study

May 5, 2023

The selected proposer will develop a report that includes the following components. Note, the LCLGRPB encourages proposers to provide alternative suggestions or scope additions that may improve the project.

Project Background and Site Overview

Discuss project need and review of current property uses, adjacent property uses, environmental constraints, ownership, and site history.

Analysis of Existing Infrastructure

Existing infrastructure assets will be evaluated to determine the potential for business development on the site. Infrastructure, including water, sewer, stormwater, transportation, energy, and culverts will be assessed to determine existing capacity that the site can provide to new users.

Demographic and Economic Considerations

An evaluation of local/regional socio-economic and market conditions will be completed to understand the available workforce to better promote the site to potential businesses. This evaluation will include review of demographic data, assessment of economic base industries and historical trends, employment, industry sector wages, location quotient, employment projections, and an analysis of real estate market trends.

Site Opportunity Analysis

The purpose of the site opportunity analysis will be to understand where the proposed Business Park stands in terms of its current infrastructure capacity and its viability in the regional and local market. Considerations for tax liability relief and the desire to utilize the site for community co-benefits such as skills training and job creation. Through this evaluation, the project team should gain a better perspective on specific industries or industry groups and determine the feasibility of these businesses at the proposed Business Park with and without additional infrastructure investment. This analysis should include a description of site constraints that might inhibit development.

Recommended Future Actions to Support Development of the Site

An Implementation Strategy will be developed for recommended action for the community to undertake to advance the project. Actions may be separated by Site Infrastructure, Permitting, and Planning & Economic Development. The implementation strategy will include estimated timeframes (short (1yr), medium (3yrs), and long (7yrs)), estimated costs, and potential funding sources. Additionally, the recommendation of future actions should include a conceptual site plan, estimating where buildings could generally fit on the site.