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Drinking Water Source Protection Program

A Drinking Water Source Protection Program (DWSP2) plan is a long-term plan that identifies source water(s), documents current conditions, and includes strategies to prevent any degradation of that source water.  

Source water is the surface water or groundwater that supplies water either periodically or continuously to a public water system for drinking or other domestic purposes. There may be more than one source water within a community. The purpose of developing a DWSP2 plan is to protect public health and safety, and the environment. Using a drinking water source protection plan, municipalities can make informed decisions to achieve and maintain source water protection.

This program was developed by the NYSDEC and NYSDOH, in consultation with the NYSDOS and NYSDAM. The Lake Champlain-Lake George Regional Planning Board has been designated a technical service provider for the DWSP2. Please contact our office if you are interested in completing a DWSP2 plan in your community.

The LCLGRPB is currently working with the following communities to complete their DWSP2 Plans:

  • Lake George Communities - Village of Lake George, Cannon Point, Arcady Bay, Diamond Point, Ticonderoga, and Lagoon Manor
  • Village of Argyle
  • Town of Bolton

> Clinton County
> Essex County
> Hamilton County
> Warren County
> Washington County