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State & Federal Grant Programs

As the Designated Economic Development District for Clinton, Essex, Hamilton, Warren and Washington Counties, the Lake Champlain - Lake George Regional Planning Board provides assistance with grant writing and administration for various state and federal funding programs. 

State Grant Programs

New york state department of state (NYSDOs)

Local Waterfront Revitalization Program (LWRP)

The LWRP serves as the primary state program for partnering with waterfront communities across the State to address local and regional waterway issues, improve water quality and natural areas, guide development to areas with adequate infrastructure and services away from sensitive resources, promote public waterfront access, and provide for redevelopment of underutilized waterfronts.

Program details can be found here.  

Smart Growth Comprehensive Planning Grant Program

Beginning in 2021, NYSDOS began offering funding to communities to develop or update municipal comprehensive plans that establish land use policies which support smart growth and clean energy principles for the community.

Additional information on this program can be found here.  

Brownfield Opportunity Area Program

The Brownfield Opportunity Area (BOA) Program provides communities grant funding and technical assistance to develop area-wide, community-based plans to effectively redevelop brownfields and other vacant and abandoned sites, transforming them into catalytic properties that facilitate community investment and improvement.

Program details can be found here.  

nys department of environmental conservation (NYSDEc)

Water Quality Improvement Project (WQIP) Program

The WQIP Program is a statewide, competitive program available to local governments and not-for-profit corporations to implement projects that directly address documented water quality impairments, improve aquatic habitat, or protect a drinking water source.

Additional details can be found here.  

Climate Smart Communities (CSC)

The Climate Smart Communities Program is a state initiative involving seven NYS agencies, which include NYSDEC, NYSERDA, NYSDPS, NYSDOS, NYSDOT, NYSDOH, and NYPA. The intent of the program is to encourage local governments to support climate actions at the municipal level. NYSDEC offers grant funding for climate mitigation and adaptation projects.

Program details can be found here.  

Empire state development (ESD)

ESD Capital Grant Program

New York State provides capital grant funding for capital-based economic development projects intended to create or retain jobs; prevent, reduce, or eliminate unemployment and underemployment; and/or increase business or economic activity in a community or Region.

See full program details here.  

Strategic Planning & Feasibility Studies

ESD offers working capital grants for economic development related projects that support:

  • Strategic development plans for a city, county, or municipality or significant part thereof
  • Feasibility studies for site(s) or facility(ies) assessment and planning

Additional information can be found here.

Hudson river valley greenway program

Community Grants

The Hudson River Valley Greenway Program provides matching grants to Greenway Communities. Eligible communities are eligible to apply for funding to develop plans or projects consistent with the five Greenway criteria: natural and cultural resource protection, economic development, public access, regional planning, and heritage and environmental education. Within the LCLG Region, only communities in Washington County are eligible for this funding.

Additional information can be found here.

Federal Grant Programs

Economic Development Administration 

Public Works and Economic Adjustment Assistance Program 

This program provides economically distressed communities and regions with grant funding up to $3,000,000 for planning and implementation projects that will lead to the creation and retention of jobs and spur private investment, advance innovation, enhance manufacturing, provide workforce development opportunities and attract foreign direct investment.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. You can get more information on the program on the EDA’s website.

USDA Rural Development 

Rural Business Development Grants 

This grant program is for technical assistance and training grants for small rural businesses. Eligible projects include business counseling and training, acquisition or development of land, capitalization of revolving loan funds, rural transportation improvements, technology-based economic development, feasibility studies, rural business incubators and long-term business strategic planning. Eligible applicants include towns, state agencies, authorities, non-profit corporations, institutes of higher education, federally-recognized tribes and rural cooperatives. 

There is no maximum funding amount and no cost-sharing requirements, however, small requests receive priority. 

Additional information on this program can be found at:

Community Facilities Loans and Grants

This program provides funding to develop essential community facilities in rural areas, including health care facilities, public facilities, community support systems, public safety systems, educational services, utility services and local food system services. These funds are provided in low interest loans, grants, or a combination of both. Eligible applicants include public bodies, community-based non-profit corporations and federally-recognized tribes. 

Additional information on this program can be found here.  

Water & Environmental Programs (WEP) Loans and Grants

This program provides funding to develop drinking water systems, sanitary sewage disposal systems, sanitary solid waste disposal, and storm water improvement projects. These funds are provided in low interest loans, grants, or a combination of both. Eligible applicants include governmental entities, private non-profits, and federally-recognized tribes. 

Additional information on this program can be found here.  

ReConnect Loans and Grants Program

The Broadband ReConnect Program furnishes loans and grants to provide funds for the costs of construction, improvement, or acquisition of facilities and equipment needed to provide broadband service in eligible rural areas. Award funds may be used to pay for the following:

  • Construction or improvement of facilities required to provide fixed terrestrial broadband service
  • Fund reasonable pre-application expenses
  • Fund acquisition of an existing system that does not currently provide sufficient access to broadband

Additional information on this program can be found here.  

Northern Borders Regional Commission (NBRC)

The Northern Borders Regional Commission funding is a federal funding pool available to designated counties within Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and New York. All five of LCLGRPB’s county’s are eligible for this funding. 

State Economic & Infrastructure Development Investment Program

Funding is for infrastructure upgrades (including transportation, basic public and telecommunication); workforce education, entrepreneurship, and business development; basic health care and other public services to assist economically distressed areas; resource conservation, tourism, recreation, and preservation of open space; and development of renewable and alternative energy sources. All projects must relate to economic development. 

Grants are up to $1,000,000 for infrastructure and up to $350,000 for all other categories. 

The LCLGRPB is the designated Local Development District for this program, meaning that LCLGRPB manages the grant on behalf of the grantee. 

Regional Forest Economy Partnership Program 

The goal of this program is to fund large, regional projects that increase the region’s ability to attract new opportunities that leverage significant investments. Funding areas include new technologies and innovations that find new uses for forest products and evolve traditional forest economy business models, workforce retraining to build skilled workers for the forest product industry, and creation of new industries or expansion of current industries that provide economic growth opportunities in formerly forest industry-dependent communities.   

The maximum award amount is $1,000,000 with a minimum award amount of $250,000.

Additional information on both of these programs can be found at

LAke Champlain basin program

LCBP Funding Opportunities

The Lake Champlain Basin Program (LCBP) offers local grants for small education/outreach grants and organizational support. In addition, the LCBP offers larger funding education/outreach and program grants.

Additional information can be found here.

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