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Main Street Reinvestment

North Country Main Street Reinvestment Program

Main Street Toolkit

The Lake Champlain Lake George Regional Planning Board MainStreet Toolkit provides support and guidance to local communities to identify and support Main Street development and enhancement projects that build upon individual community assets and characteristics while incorporating placemaking and complete street techniques into their existing Main Street corridors.

Town of Essex, Essex County

Traditional Main Streets and downtowns are found in communities throughout the LCLG Region, and they serve as the economic engines of our region. Strategic investments in these areas provide new opportunities for community development like attracting and retaining small businesses, providing achievable housing, and improving economic opportunities for residents.

This Toolkit can be used by communities to identify, organize, and begin implementing strategies to reinvigorate their Main Streets. The Toolkit provides visualizations of best management practices for Main Streets Design, a checklist that can be used to inventory existing conditions within your own Main Street corridor and resources for implementation and funding.

Village of Granville, Washington County

Recommendations in this Toolkit are organized around five foundational elements, however, there may be some elements that are unique to your street and your community that must be considered when developing a community vision.


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