Lake Champlain - Lake George Regional Planning Board
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Public Authority Accountability Act

The LCLGRDC is subject to the 2005 NYS Public Authorities Accountability Act (PAAA), which ensures oversight of efficiency and transparency for Public Authorities. The documents below are posted as part of the Act’s compliance requirements.


The LCLGRDC was formed to:

  • Initiate and propose economic development projects in the counties of Warren, Washington, Clinton, Essex and Hamilton;
  • Administer appropriated funding to implement projects that demonstrate a substantial likelihood of providing increases in new permanent jobs in businesses that need financial assistance to remain viable;
  • Encourage and affect the location and expansion of commercial, industrial, and manufacturing facilities, and the retention of existing business and industry in the five aforementioned counties;
  • Create employment opportunities and improve the quality of employment in the area comprising the five counties;
  • Integrate, to the fullest extent possible, all available public and private resources, expertise and programs for economic development in the region; and
  • Relieve and reduce unemployment, promote and provide for additional maximum employment, better maintain job opportunities, instruct and train individuals, and improve or develop their capabilities for jobs.

Certificate of Incorporation

The LCLGRDC was incorporated in 1989.


The Bylaws for the LCLGRDC were amended in January 2020.


Organizational Information



Reports and Audits

Below are copies of the most recent LCLGRDC audits of the financials.


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