Lake Champlain - Lake George Regional Planning Board
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Our Board

The LCLGRPB Board of Directors consists of 30 members, six from each of the member counties. Three members from each County are appointed by the county, while the other three are Ex-Officio members by virtue of their positions; County Board of Supervisors Chairman, County Treasurer and County Highway Superintendent. 


  • David O'Brien, Chairman
  • Michael Tyler, Vice-Chairman
  • Albert Nolette, Treasurer
  • Christy Wilt, Secretary
  • John Strough, At-Large Executive Committee Member

Clinton County

  • Shannon Thayer, Clinton County Planning Department
  • Joshua Kretser, Clinton County Legislator
  • Wendell Hughes, Clinton County Legislator
  • Mark Henry, Chairman, County Board of Legislators
  • Kimberly Davis, Treasurer
  • Karl Weiss, Superintendent of Highways

Essex County

  • Charles Harrington, Supervisor, Town of Crown Point
  • Margaret Wood, Supervisor, Town of Schroon 
  • Michael Tyler, Supervisor, Town of Westport
  • Shaun Gillilland, Chairman, County Board of Supervisors
  • Michael Diskin, Treasurer
  • Jim Dougan, Superintendent of Highways

Hamilton County

  • Clay Arsenault, Supervisor, Long Lake 
  • Beth Hunt, Supervisor, Town of Wells
  • Christy Wilt, Hamilton County Tourism & Economic Development
  • Brian Wells, Chairman, County Board of Supervisors
  • Jodie Small, Treasurer
  • Tracy Eldridge, Superintendent of Highways

Warren County

  • S. John Taflan, County Administrator
  • John Strough, Supervisor, Town of Queensbury
  • Frank Thomas, Supervisor, Town of Stony Creek
  • Kevin Geraghty, Chairman, County Board of Supervisors
  • Christine Norton, Treasurer
  • Kevin Hajos, Superintendent of Highways

Washington County

  • David O'Brien, Supervisor, Town of Hampton
  • Evera Sue Clary, Supervisor, Town of Salem
  • Sam Hall, Supervisor, Town of Fort Ann
  • Robert Henke, Chairman, County Board of Supervisors
  • Albert Nolette, Treasurer
  • Deborah Donohue, Superintendent of Highways
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