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Forward Together Initiative

As the impacts of the pandemic linger in our everyday lives, we are all looking to the future and wondering how we can come out of this better, stronger, and more resilient.

The pandemic illuminated the many underlying challenges that face our region for individuals, families, businesses, and our communities. But it also brought the people of the region together. Fiercely independent, self-reliant individuals came together to aid and assist those in need and identify new approaches to age-old rural issues: food access, healthcare, and digital connectivity. The region responded and collaborated, which is no more evident than in the pages of the Lake Champlain - Lake George Regional Planning Board’s Forward Together Economic Resiliency Plan.

This plan is focused on understanding the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the region’s economy, identifying forward looking strategies for the region’s businesses, and establishing how the region can seize on market opportunities that have emerged from past 18 months.

With this plan as a framework, the LCLGRPB will work with its partners across the region to proactively and flexibly adapt to the ever-changing economic environment, and to support the residents and businesses that call our five-County region home.

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